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Spotlight Video Series: Ferme Houle Farm

Ontario Organic and Canadian Organic Growers are thrilled to present this spotlight feature video on Ferme Houle Farm. We are excited to showcase the stories of Canadian farmers and the amazing organic products they produce, who are embracing practices that support a healthy climate, thriving communities, and a resilient Canadian food system.

Watch and learn about why Andre Houle is excited about the future of organic – for the environment and for his multigenerational farm. Buying from Ontario Organic farms and businesses like Ferme Houle helps Bring Organic Home, and supports the local organic system and all the benefits it provides; organic farmers and producers positively contribute to Canada’s future by conserving energy and water reserves, supporting Canada’s climate goals for a carbon-neutral economy, and ensuring a sustainable – and reliable – food supply for future generations. To help Canada reap the climate and community benefits of organic, put local organic products at the top of your shopping list!

Visit Ferme Houle Farm's website (see Related Products sidebar) for more info on the products they offer, and how you can find them or even receive them by delivery!

Thank you to Andre and the team at Ferme Houle Farm for welcoming us into their space and sharing their story with us, and thank you to Canadian Organic Growers for sponsoring this video.

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