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Spotlight Video Series: Yorkshire Valley Farms – Eggs

Ontario Organic is please to present this spotlight feature video on Yorkshire Valley Farms eggs!

Yorkshire Valley Farms has been dedicated to organic from day one. Their goal is to produce delicious organic food, to build long-term agriculture and community resilience, and to manage their impact on the planet for generations to come. Their products come from over 35 multi-generational and family-run farms, including Marte Pronk featured in this video. Watch to learn about what goes into producing Yorkshire Valley Farms' organic eggs, what it's like for farmers like Marte to work with them, and the benefits of buying local organic.

Thank you to the Pronk family for welcoming us into your space and sharing your story, and to Yorkshire Valley Farms for sponsoring this Spotlight video.

Be sure to also keep an eye out for our upcoming article that will further explore Yorkshire Valley Farm's organic story. You can visit the Yorkshire Valley Farms website (see Related Products sidebar) for more information on how and where to buy their wide range products, and check out their Mild Chicken Curry recipe (see Related Recipes sidebar) for a delicious dinner idea!

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